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Lots of new shows on RadioGospel !

Following the summer programming schedule, RadioGospel is back with many new shows!

Fanny, Sabrina and Jeanne, your 3 radio announcers, are back with lots of surprises...and the following new shows:

“My Story”: Testimonies for you from people who explain why they gave their life to God!

“Les maux du cœur”: It is the heart that speaks in times of distress! We all go through difficult times. This show reminds you that you are never alone!

“Du nouveau dans l’air”: Meet Nicolas in the RadioGospel studio. He interviews your favorite artists who tell you the story behind their song!

“D’une pensée à l’autre”: Our daily thoughts have an impact on our spiritual life...

“L’instant des petits grands”: Children are given the mic every Wednesday on RadioGospel! When asked about a lot of subjects that concern us all, children don’t stop surprising you!

And, don't forget! We love to receive your messages and testimonies!

Like the one received from Rose:

"I discovered RadioGospel last week and I wanted to tell you that I was truly blessed by your meditations and your songs. Thank you to the whole team. Keep up the good work!"

And this testimony received from an anonymous listener:

"For several weeks, I have had several times of feeling burn-out, severe fatigue, repeated insomnia, etc. Yesterday, I was on the verge of committing irreparable harm and it was a bit by chance that I came across the RadioGospel website! Suddenly, through a song, I felt that God was speaking to me. He freed me from my negative thoughts and suicidal ideas. Against all odds, I spent all night pleading with God to give me rest and He saved me!"

Leave us a message on our answering machine at 07 56 88 22 00 (+33 756 88 22 00).

RadioGospel, it’s your radio!

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We are here for you !

The RadioGospel team