The best of "Modern Gospel"
Artist : Lincoln Brewster
Album : Perfect Love
I knew the second I met You
I could never forget You
And what You did for me
You pulled me out of my haze
And took me into a place
So good it’s hard to believe

And it just gets better
Nothing else matters
You’re so much more than enough
Now my heart’s wide open
Fears been broken
It’s all because of Your love

You make me wanna move
Like no one’s watching
I know You’ll get me through
Gonna keep on walking
You always make a way
When the storm is raging
No matter what I’m facing
I count on You
Miracles happen when You move

I got a beat in my chest
I got a spring in my step
I got a reason to run
You show me who I can be
And still it’s hard to believe
I’m so much more than I was

You give me hope I can’t believe
The best is yet to come for me

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