The best of "Modern Gospel"
Artist : Danny Gokey
Album : Rise
There’s a brokenness inside you
There's a wound that still reminds you
Of your hurt, shame, fear, and rejection
You have seen it yeah, you seen it

You know it’s time to get up
You’re heart’s paralyzed, you’re so stuck
You’re past the point of trying’
You’re defeated, defeated

Something inside, you can’t deny, you hear the cry of your creator
I made you for more, I’ve unlocked the door, I wanna restore (it’s time to restore) your glory

So Rise
Breaking the darkness, piercing the night
We’re made to Shine
An army of hope bringing the world
A radiant light
A radiant light
You were made to Rise

Lift your head and look around you
The dreams you lost have finally found you
And the heart that once stopped beating
Is coming back to life, coming back to life

Shut the door on yesterday
Leave what happened in the grave
You were made to rise
Creations waiting for the day
The Kings and Queens will take their place
We were made to rise…

Who are we ?

LOTS of French people, from all social classes, Christians from all denominations, non-believers, and people of all ages... love Gospel music.

In 2006, Radio Gospel started broadcasting. In 2018, Radio Gospel became a partnership between Association Radio Gospel and TopChrétien in order to reach more people & better serve our listeners in France.

Equipe Radio Gospel
Equipe Radio Gospel

  • Radio Gospel :
  • Still a radio that is music based, bilingual, and broadcast from France.
  • Especially the best of "Modern Gospel" (contemporary Christian music) such as Dan Luiten, Hillsong Paris, EXO, Impact, The Kry, Spear Hit...
    and Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Third Day...
  • Also some other Gospel genres that are more "Traditional and Soul" such as Kirk Franklin, CeCe Winans, Marcel Boungou, Maggie Blanchard...

…And now Radio Gospel offers you more, such as:
  • La Pensée du Jour (Bible verse of the Day & Devotional) by TopChrétien.
  • …and other features that you will discover as you listen to Radio Gospel and visit our Website & Apps.
The music you will hear on Radio Gospel is extremely lively and based upon the Gospel. It brings a message of joy and hope to all and you will find our short messages positive & encouraging.

Enjoy listening !