You Are I Am

I've been the one to shake with fear And wonder if You're even here I've been the one to doubt Your love I've told myself You're not enough I've been the one to try and say I'll overcome by my own strength I've been the one to fall apart And start to question who You are (Chorus) You're the one who conquers giants You're the one who calls out kings You shut the mouths of lions You tell the dead to breathe You're the one who walks through fire You take the orphan's hand You are the one Messiah You are I AM You are I AM I've been the one held down in chains Beneath the weight of all my shame I've been the one to believe That where I am You cannot reach Chorus The veil is torn And now I live With the Spirit inside The same One The very same One Who brought the Son back to life Hallelujah, He lives in me (X4) Chorus