Holiness Is Right

Chorus: There's a difference between wrong and right There's a difference between darkness and light There's no compromise, we must draw the line. Sin is still a reproach but holiness is right. (repeat) Now the world is living all kinds of lifestyles But the life of a Christian should be pure and undefiled Everybody has faults to repent thereof And then walk in the light because holiness is right. God is God, and He'll always be the same His word is the law, not one tittle will ever change We must distinguish between clean and unclean And then walk in the light because holiness is right. (Repeat Chorus) We gotta be holy! It is not a suggestion, it's a command. Holy! Gotta have pure hearts and clean hands We must be holy! We gotta be saved and sanctified. Holy! Because holiness is right. We must be holy! Garments spotless, wrinkle-free Holy! Pure and holy we gotta be We must be holy! Consecrated and set aside Holy! Because holiness is right! Now the church mothers use to tell, It's holiness or hell The same is true today, to see the Lord there's no other way Than holiness! We gotta be pure spirit Holiness! In our bodies, in our minds and our souls, Holiness! In our day life, night life and worklife Holiness! I gotta, you gotta, we gotta be Holiness, Holiness, Holiness Holiness is right! (repeat) To see the Lord there's no other way