Exalted Praise

Oh worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness His excellent greatness we exalt above the rest I present my mind, body, my spirit all of me To worship You. (Chorus) Present my body, present my mind I wanna give to You a living sacrifice I wanna worship, spirit and truth So let the praise be acceptable unto You In Jesus’ name we’ve come To worship the Holy One Spirit, prepare me to give You the praise I’m gonna bless Your name With all of my mind I’ll praise You With all of my heart I will do the same With all that’s within me, I’ll give exalted praise I’m gonna praise the Lord (repeat) I’m gonna bless your name! You know as they say, praise Him while you have a chance Don’t let it be said, you gave away your chance to dance He’s given you reasons why you should lift your hands To praise Him and exalt Him (Repeat Chorus) My mind, my soul, my spirit, everything within me (repeat) He dwells, He dwells in your praise (Repeat) I’ve got to give Him glory, I’ve got to lift Him higher (Repeat) You’ve got to give Him glory, You’ve got to lift Him higher (repeat) We’ve got to give Him glory, We’ve got to lift Him higher (repeat)