Church Music

I always wondered why Sunday morning Didn’t feel like Saturday night What if all God’s people came locked and loaded With joy jumping in their eyes Can I get a little volume? Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah? Let the choir begin C’mon Free my soul Free my soul Take me to the land where the milk and honey flows Take me there I want to go What if church music felt like rock n roll? Imagine if Jesus got behind the drums You better believe it would make you move Everybody jumping up and down the aisles Revival breaking out in the room Can I get a little guitar? Can I get a little bass? Can I get a little tambourine Up in this place? Can I get a little dancing? Somebody get free Cause who the son sets free Is free indeed Holy Ghost fire Taking me higher Higher than I’ve ever been Come and meet Jesus Come and find freedom Come and get born again It’s not about the music But I know He can use it To make me jump out of my skin